A workshop focused on languages and exploring the potential of multilingualism on stage, this workshop is open to everyone with stage experience and who speaks at least two languages (you don't have to speak the second language fluently).


Upon hearing the word « translation » we often think of a text in one langage being transposed into another one. In the context of the stage, we think about subtitles. This workshop is not about any of that! Here we play with misunderstandings, interpretations and the melody of languages. We explore the dramatic and artistic potential of multilingualism. This workshop is interdisciplinary and could be explored using improvisation, dance and music as well as videos and images.


This workshop is divided into two parts. We will first discover what can be developed on stage with several languages through some exercises and scenes. Then we will try to collectively find new ways to play with languages.


Participants: max. 12


Full Price: 60,- Euro (students: 50,- Euro). If you register before the 31th of March : 45€.


Registration via email to workshop@sylvainfustier.com


Sylvain Fustier,


Metteur en scène,


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